Today an estimated 437 million people speak Spanish, an estimated 275 million speak French and an estimated 63 million speak Italian! Consequently, there is a growing need for a multilingual workforce! Parents all across the United States of America, the Caribbean and around the world are investing in language education. With the help Happy and Bilingual School there is no longer a need to uproot your family and move to another country to learn a second language. Happy and Bilingual School through the use of an award-winning teaching platform is able to effectively teach Spanish, French, Italian and English (ESL) online to its students in the comfort of their home, office or on the go!

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Using either a desktop, laptop, any smartphone or an iPad students can enter our virtual classroom to learn in live sessions face to face with highly qualified native speakers from around the world. Learning a language has never been more convenient and fun! Parents wishing to immerse their children into another culture has never been easier! While this is well known, there stands the hurdle of having access to native speakers in the target foreign language. It is not convenient for many to uproot their lives and move to a foreign country for the sole purpose of immersing themselves in order to learn a language. This need for a solution that provided access to native speakers from around the world in a convenient and affordable way gave birth to Happy and Bilingual School.



Tanisha Colquhoun

Tanisha Colquhoun was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She started learning Spanish in high school in Jamaica and continued once she moved to the United States for college. She grew to love the language and embraced all opportunities speaking a second language afforded her in her career and life in general. Once in college she decided to do a dual degree and earned a bachelors degree in Spanish Literature while simultaneously pursuing a pre-law degree. A maxim that has become her own is that, “Learning a foreign language is one of life’s beautiful intangibles. An intangible that has the ability to transcend its current generation and become an inheritance for an entire lineage”. Her debut book, ¿Dónde está mi hermana? is the first book published in the Happy and Bilingual Series and was inspired by her daughters. Since then she has authored two additional children books! She is dead set ensuring that anyone has convenient access to a second language education.

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Make an investment in your child’s second language education and give them the edge in this increasingly globalized economy.  They will be indebted to you later.