K-5 Afterschool Spanish Immersion Program

Invest in a bilingual education for your children by maximizing the time they spend in After School Programs. Make the hours they spend in the evenings COUNT!  If your children are enrolled in an After-Care Program why not choose one where they have the same fun and educational activities but immersed in Spanish! What an amazing opportunity to expose them to the study of Spanish!

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Online Spanish Tutoring

There has been a steady increase in the amount of dual language and immersion programs nationwide, not every school offers the requisite amount of language education for actual growth and development in the foreign language.  We are offering families an opportunity to have their children obtain additional help with one on one Spanish tutoring from the comfort of their very home.  Tutoring sessions tailored to your children’s learning style. No hassle in traffic to make it to a class. These tutoring sessions are online one on one sessions that are face to face via the internet.  Our dedicated team of tutors are eager to journey with you in your language education and customize your sessions according to your needs!

Sessions are available for children and adults.

Initial assessments are FREE!

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ESL Programs

Learn English as a Second Language(ESL) from the comfort of your own home. These services are online one on one session with one of our dedicated tutors.  Sessions will be conducted face to face via the internet.  The ESL program is available to children as well as adults.  Learn at your own pace and customize sessions to fit your needs.

Initial Assessments are FREE !

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Monolingual parents all across America are successfully raising bilingual children.  They are investing the time and money to provide language education for their children because it is worth it! The increasingly global economy in which we currently live necessitates foreign language education.  Here at Happy and Bilingual we encourage parents locally and worldwide to invest in language education.  Today it is more important than ever for a child’s overall development to be raised equipped to compete in our global economy!

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Monolinguals all across America are raising bilingual children